12 Experts Share Their Biggest Tips on How To Get New Clients

12 Experts Share Their Biggest Tips on How To Get New Clients

Getting new clients it’s not easy.
We have all been there.
You know you have a great service to offer.
You know you are great at what you do.
You know you can provide real transformation to your clients.
However, the end of the month come and again you did not have enough new clients.
You are struggling to pay your bills and everything feels so hard.
Then you say to yourself: “Why is this so difficult! I just NEED few more people to work with and everything you will be fine”.

Here at GTeX we share a lot of tips and tool about getting clients and EXPLODING your own successful coaching and speaking business.

And this time I asked our Explode Your Coaching Biz members their best tips about getting new clients so you can immediately find a strategy that you can use to get instant results.

Enjoy the read!


Robin Bates Just get out there; show up every day and give them something useful (I believe ‘massive value’ is the preferred term). Choose your platform and show them how you alleviate their pain with your products/services, time and time again.


Jim J Doyle Talk to people – lots of them!
Be open to the possibilities of meeting relevant people in the most unlikely circumstances – keep your radar on.

People love talking to people – talk to people


Daniel Andersen-Tuffnell Say Hello! to everyone, we make eye contact, take it a step further ! 99.8% we say hello back!

Everyone is busy within themselves, let us be the ones to break out, let’s not be the humans on the ship in Wall E! As we strive to our next job, task, commuting on the train or picking the kids up from the latest after-school outing we in our comfortable environment and universe.

STOP – Take the headphone out, when someone sit next to you, when someone smiles,
say Hello/Hi
It’s Obvious, and well know and research supported, People enjoy meeting interesting people! Engage and stand out with just pure interest in THEM!
As direct result I have landed numerous results both professionally and friends for life from just saying hello in the obvious and strangest of places and environments!
Take the First Step, and the second and third are easier. Its shouldn’t be sales pitch, although that doesn’t mean you don’t need a call to action.
The more you Seek out the Acceptance points, a wave, a contact and meeting of minds and eyes, the interactions and potential referral will follow.
Just say HELLO, and always return it back- as a recent science paper said –Psychological Science To Be Looked at as Though Air – Sucks – So Engage with our fellow earthlings, you won’t regret it!


Ich Loc Create a Client Acquisition System where clients come to you.

A Client Acquisition System is a process by which you attract your ideal clients to you through a qualifying process, as well as filtering out the clients you don’t want, and at the same time demonstrate your credibility as the go-to person to work with.

An example of such process is:
1) Facebook Ad (driving cold traffic to step 2)
2) Webinar (where you demonstrate value and expertise, driving them to step 3)
3) Live Page / Application (where you qualify your prospect, before step 4)
4) Consultation Call (where the sales conversation takes place)


Danielle Vouniotis Be consistent and give good value and be YOU. I believe you can have the best branding and marketing strategies in the world but people buy people at the end of the day. So just be yourself. Warts an all. I know it’s a cliché, but your vibe attracts your tribe. If you really want to help people and are coming from your heart. People feel that, and they trust you. Trust is key.


CJ Sohal  Deliver true value to your prospects. Don’t give value with the sole purpose of converting people. Deliver content which will help your prospects solve a problem and they will buy from you.
At the same time, don’t be afraid to ask for the sale. The right balance is akin to “jab, jab, jab, right hook” as Gary Vee would say.


Desislava Dobreva Positioning.
You have to craft a powerful positioning that shapes your content strategy. When you manage to achieve that… it works like a charm. Instead of reaching out to 20 people per day in order to make a sale, you wake up to 20 people asking to work with you.
If you can craft your positioning and combine it with being PRESENT as often as possible, you’ll see a massive growth in your client base.


Michelle Raymond Understand your clients goals beyond those goals. Understand this and meet those needs, you are on to a winner!


Ben Shorter When I first hear this, spent ages overthinking it. Every answer that I put down was a short book (or maybe a not so short book!)
However I remembered something from yesterday when I was delivering a workshop!

*drum roll*
Constantly demonstrate to your target market that you understand exactly what they want and that you are great at providing it.


Tokunbo Osunbayo Ask questions, especially on Social Media. Those who resonate with the questions will respond. Connected with over 300 new people in the last two weeks using this method. Getting to know my ideal clients well and what I can offer them which is giving me more clarity and ways to deliver my product and service efficiently.


Caroline King LiveStream everyday. Concentrate on one thing and talk about it. Seed doubt in your listen’s mind. The kind of doubt that goes, “I didn’t think of that in that way before, I definitely need to buy that programme”. This is ‘EduSales’ – education sales.

The people who already know that what you have to offer is good, buy to expand their knowledge.

The people who already know that they have a problem buy to solve it.

This in reality is a small amount of people. Most people do not really realise they need what you do. You have to keep telling them about it from lots of different angles until the tipping point comes and they realise that they do need it!

There will be some at this point who will go – “I definitely don’t need this” and that is fine because they genuinely don’t.

But most people do need your help and don’t realise it. For me, there are people out there (and I meet them all the time!), who don’t think they need speaker training. Unfortunately, they don’t realise how much ‘energy’ directed in the correct way is needed to project and they think that projection is all about sound and being heard. They are wrong and I can hear this and they do not realise that their bottom line is being affected because no projection = no connection and no connection = no sales.


Keith Blakemore-Noble  The three Cs to Continual Client Creation.
Clarity, Consistency, Congruency.

Clarity – you need to be absolutely crystal clear on what you do and for whom you do it.
If, when asked what you do, the word “or” appears, you do not have clarity! You know the sort of thing – “I help people who are in need of x or who want to find y”. That’s not clarity.
You need to let everyone who encounters you know the ONE specific thing which you do – make it so clear that they are in no doubt what you do. That way, when they need what you do, or they know someone who needs it, there is no possibility of doubt about you being THE one.
If you keep telling everyone “I can do that. And that. And that too” to everything, then you are confusing everyone and you have zero clarity – you come across as unsure, possibly even as desperate.
For example Pizza Hut (other pizza parlours are available) sell pizzas. They don’t sell curries, they don’t sell cars, they don’t sell DVDs. They sell Pizzas. So when someone wants a Pizza, Pizza Hut springs to mind.
Get crystal clear on the ONE thing where YOU want to be the one to spring to mind.

Consistency – It used to be said that people needed to see an advert an average of 2.4 times before deciding to buy. Then it became 6 times. Then 10. Then 20. Now, goodness only knows!
The point is, people are incredibly unlikely to buy from you or even contact you off the back of a single advert of FB status or blog post.
You need to make sure that you are seen regularly – be it regular blogs, or regular FB updates (which provide content and value), or regular LinkedIn Pulse articles, or… Whatever it is, you need to be consistent, you need to keep providing content and value around your specific topic.
That way, you remain in people’s mind. When they are ready for what you offer, your name needs to be the one they recall.
That doesn’t mean you have to be on every social media platform – it is far better to build a consistent presence on one or two, than to have a patchy irregular presence of a dozen.
There’s a reason Coke (and other soda brands) spends millions on advertising. When they show an advert, they don’t expect you to rush out and buy a Coke; they are advertising to keep brand awareness, to keep them top of mind, so next time you are thirsty you’ll fancy a Coke instead of something else.

Congruency – this one is vastly overlooked yet it makes a huge difference.
Not wishing to get bogged down in tired of cliché, you need to make sure you don’t just talk the talk but you walk the walk. You must be the embodiment of what you are offering.
An obese fitness instructor is unlikely to attract many clients.
Someone professing to teach you all about how to cultivate the mindset of the billionaire, yet who is constantly one sale away from bankruptcy, is not likely to attract many clients.
Someone who offers to help people figure out what they want to be and how to get it, whilst spending half their time posting on FB that they wish they knew what they wanted to do and how to build the life they want… well, you get the idea.
It’s often said we should show, not tell. This is especially true here.
SHOW prospect clients that you live, breathe, exude, whatever it is you are teaching / offering.
Nobody is expecting you to be perfect; they do, however, tend to be attracted to those who show they know what they are talking about by living what they talk about.

You have now heard from our EXPLODE YOUR CIACHING BIZ members.


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