28 Experts Share Their Top Advice To Deal With Challenges

28 Experts Share Their Top Advice To Deal With Challenges

Enough is enough!


Thursday I chop my hand cutting an avocado.

Friday someone stole my new phone from my hand and run away on a scooter.

I was so annoyed and I needed the evening for myself.

I am working on releasing the frustration and it’s going well.

That made me reflect about the challenges we face every day in our businesses.


So I asked this question on Facebook to my friends, coaches and speakers because,  I wanted a different perspective and I collected below the best answers. So when you have a challenge, you can stop for a minute and use some of these advice toget back on track and move on. Let’s start.

What is your best advice to deal with challenges?


Robert McPhun Revisit your purpose and/or reason why when faced with challenges in your business.



Chris Richards Step back and view the big picture. Perspective is everything.
And pay after to the meaning you attach to events.
“Whatever you believe becomes true for you”



Caroline Beasley Time to stop and reflect on the important things in life. Be blessed for the wisdom you have that you share with others. Time to take care of you and let go of the frustration knowing that phones can be replaced (scooter man obviously was in a desperate place) not you. An inconvenience to let go of and a hand to heal. What message is that giving you Simone? Art of communication is done in different ways..



Emily Blake For me if you get annoyed by one thing and stay annoyed you usually start to attract even more annoying things! It’s important to accept something that has happened to you or gotten you frustrated but laugh it off.. Let it go… People say bad things happen in 3’s but from what I’ve seen it’s usually because they have spent too long thinking about the first thing!

You can also use these moments to stop, take a step back, breathe and take note of your thoughts.. A quick scan to check if everything is ok with yourself.. Are you thinking too much about something.. Is something stressing you out..?

I’ve always said ever since I was young that I love a challenge, small challenges like little inconveniences are quite easy to bounce back from by accepting, acknowledging, seeing the bright or funny side and carrying on as you were…

Harder challenges when you’ve been hurt by someone or the worst for me is losing a loved one, this one definitely takes time to come back from but what I would say is in any situation never lose who you are. I had to rediscover myself, find what was missing and it was my confidence.. I found a way to get it back and boom, Emily returned. So always be you and don’t dwell in the challenges or inconveniences you face.



Gem Homebury With all of these atrocities going on in the world, remind yourself you’re still healthy & alive and remember the loved ones around you that money can’t buy they are priceless. Can buy another phone but not another Simone Vincenzi… Let the anger emotions come, then let it go…
Remember who you are, sit still & gain clarity…Get in alignment with your thoughts and then move forward



Ionut Iulian Ungureanu Well…. You know that everything happens for a reason right? You may not understand now…. but this is the first step to overcome any but any life challenges. You will get better soon. Stay grounded, reflect, and give thanks nothing worse happened. It depends the way you look at things and situation.



Tomi Malcolm  Accept it, feel the pain and adjust.



Michael Kalisperas The best way I deal with challenges is I stop take a deep breath often I close my eyes and I just think of someone fighting way harder through deep challenges of their own. This thought almost always goes to my disabled son but I do think of others I know struggling more than me. I realise I am lucky no matter how unlucky I am. We are Miracle to be here.



Fiona Wright Whatever happens to you (or you cause yourself) your experience of that is 100% wholly and utterly your own self generated experience. No-one else can most appropriately advise you how to deal with that, as they are not you. What you see and label as a challenge is indeed a challenge – to you. Same for me. Same for everyone else in this world……. You are the solution to all your challenges (and frankly you deal more swiftly and effectively with most of yours much better than I do mine – not that its a competition  or that I am being hard on myself). Seeing the truth of where our experience comes from is the single most valuable solution to any challenge



Gema Ramirez

STOP, DISCONNECT, CONNECT Stop the mind chatter, give your mind something to do and stop thinking of the problem, so go and meditate, disconnect from the problem, connect with your Soul and get back to your calmness, to your centre, retake your inner peace where your challenge does not exist.

ASK AND IT IS GIVEN Ask in meditation or in prayer or in contemplation, whatever works for you, that the best solution comes for this problem, ask for protection, ask for the best outcome, ask for the right people who can help you solve the challenge to come quick. Visualise it all happening and solving itself with ease and grace. Feel the sense of calmness and wonder and relief in your body and in your mind.

ACT So now, calmed, centered, with the midset of a winner, knowing the challenge is solved and knowing that all the support you have asked for is at your fingertips, empowered by the feeling of being so supported and knowing that your challenge is sorted, go and take action.



Katharina Ustinov Change your focus. I have a good sense of humor and laugh about it and myself knowing that this is all happening to my best. I really do believe that and things which are challenges are always turning out to be blessings.



Danielle Vouniotis It’s not about being in bliss all the time – and only having “good times”.
Running from your pain, challenges, frustrations and suppressing it can cause it to come back tenfold, (whatever we resist persists) so accept the parts of you find painful emotionally or physically – love them like you love all the good things too – nothing is separate it is all part of one big beautiful YOU. Try to remember that without the perceived bad, you wouldn’t be able to appreciate the good, and what a boring world that would be…



Karen Pasqualucci Breathe. Keep the big picture in mind. Be kind.



Shawn Wilburn Tony Robbins inspired me and helped me out of a funk. I was in while listening to a YouTube video of his inspirational presentations. He said, “see things as they are but not worse than they are”. When I’m in the throws of my anxiety I remember there is an expiration on everything. It ends eventually I have to focus on getting through now, hour by hour and eventually day by day. Do everything but stop.


Artemis Evangelidi Perhaps the universe’s way of telling you to slow down and be more mindful and present in the moment.



Daniel Roberts Just knowing that the challenge is part of the exciting story you are living day to day!



Hannah Xu In terms of challenges, I recall late last year I’ve had a major fee dispute from a big client, which got my business into crisis financially, and it was very stressful. The client was a trying to intimidate me, denying the work I’ve done/contract they’ve signed, and refused to pay… But what I’ve learnt was instead of letting the negativity consume me, I have decided that the best ‘revenge’ is to keep adding more value, doing whatever it takes to make my vision into reality and really standout from the crowd! It became my fuel this year to focus on my big games. And I’ve known that a few weeks ago my business has been nominated into an industry award . It may be a different challenge than yours, but I’m sure you will find a way to turn negativity into positive fuel!



Claire Moorcraft I would allow the feeling to move through me or if after 20 mins it hadn’t I would know it was an emotion and stuck. So my ways of dealing are going for a walk in nature or by the sea as I live there and if that didn’t help I would blow my feelings into a stone or a stick and bury that stone or stick or throw it in the sea, river etc and ask Mother Nature to take care of it for me. It’s a way of processing your emotions and thoughts outside of the body-mind.

Then I would sit quietly and ask questions such as what’s the message for me, what do I need to
pay attention to that I am not already, what’s the lesson, what’s the gold / gift? The importance is asking the questions not getting the answers…they will come.
If it’s a super juicy issue I might work it out in a sand painting for more insights or perceptual state shifts (as change this and what you look at changes). Or I might call in the shamanic lineage to work with me in a healing session depending upon what I find. Remove what’s driving a situation and then it falls away.
Then if I need to take action, it’s inspired, from a place of empowerment vs a pattern.



Tony Snow Don’t wait for the storm to pass, learn to dance in the rain
One of my favourite quote



Manny Wolfe For me, I have a mantra for those extremely difficult moments
“Put one foot in front of the other, get up one more time than you fall”
For a cute situations, I also use belly breathing techniques



Ajay Patel For me… it would be… think about why I attracted the challenge into my life… i think generally it is because I need to learn something from the experience to improve myself and if it happens more than once then I either haven’t learnt what I was supposed to learn yet or there’s something else to learn from it



LuCinda Giannotti Watkins Carry on…. you will be so much better on the other side. Do not stop.



Roberta Lee Basically. I give myself permission to acknowledge something sucks. The situation is challenging. If I was smart enough to get myself into it, I’m smart enough to get myself out of it.

Every cloud has a silver lining. You have to SWOT it and see how you can turn that weakness/threat into an strength/opportunity.

Never be afraid to ask for help, it’s a sign of strength and determination. Never suffer in silence – it doesn’t help you to move forwards. Share your concerns, get them off your chest – process – then get off your tush, get dressed, show up and do something to change the situation.



Jono Poon depends what the challenge but usually the mentality will be “if I’m still breathing and alive then just get on with it”.



Bally Aujla I realise that they are only there for me to gain the insight, take any action needed & move forward to something even better



Helen Ryan It’s about GRIT which is the core of InteGRITY. See each situation as an opportunity for Growth Resilience insight and Trust in self.



Riana Avis Feel the feelings. Journal. Walk / stand barefoot on the grass / ground. Call a friend. Go for a brisk walk. Call up a good quote ‘this too shall pass’. Breathe. These are some of the things I do / think. It depends what the upset is. It’s useful to remember you are never upset for the reason you think. Though you have to get beyond the ‘in the moment’ reaction to stand back, reflect and learn from it. Get it out of your system, then stop ranting about it, resisting it, fighting it, etc. It is what it is. Accept it and move on. How important is it in the long run anyway?



Yasmina Laïdi When I was younger and sad for bad marks, I would go to a book store and read one book of a manga called GTO – not sure if you know it. I was staying there for one hour before heading home, to ensure I wouldn’t bring that bad feeling at home and risk to affect my family. It helped me countless of times.
Today, I don’t have tests anymore (for the moment!!) so I would usually read a manga or watch anime at home. It makes me forget about that on the most painful moment. Then I realise that this is not a big deal, I can overcome things as I still have mind, energy, life, family and friends. Nothing affected most important things so I can move on and work on overcome the challenge. I would do it straight away as I would always have a refill of good mood and happiness from reading manga or watching anime! And I usually end where I was before the challenge or even more.


Remember to leave us a comment and let us know how you are going to implement those strategies in your speaking business.

We look forward seeing you next week and always remember…


The Purpose Strategist