Episode #369 How to Master Your Life with John Terry

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Today I have the pleasure to Interview John Terry

A two-time martial arts Hall of Fame inductee, John brings years of black belt experience to helping people, young and old, discover and develop the Black Belt Leader witihin and lead themselves with Black Belt Excellence.  They can then use their leadership and influence to create high-performance, people-centric, values-based, non-leader-dependent teams and make an impact right where they are.

John brings a warm sense of humor and a quick wit that immediately connects with his audience as he delivers an insightful message that inspires and motivates, while challenging those in the audience to grow and aspire to greatness.

A best-selling author and in-demand international public speaker, John serves as an Executive Director and President’s Advisory Council member with The John Maxwell Team. He is also a DISC-certified human behavior consultant, a Real-Life Management Master Trainer, and a CTAA-Accredited Emotional Intelligence Coach & Practitioner.

As a certified speaker, trainer, and coach, John applies the same “Black Belt” princples he learned in the martial arts to teach leadership, team-building, influence, and communication.  Although not everyone will earn a black belt in martial arts, John believes anyone can learn to live life as a Black Belt Leader in Life and live life with Black Belt Excellence.

In this episode, we talk about: 

    • Alter Your Attitude
    • Change Your Beliefs
    • Reach Your Destiny

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