Episode #379 How Helen Snape Launched Her Online Course

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Today I have the pleasure to Interview with Helen Snape

Helen is a certified Transformational Relationship Coach who has helped clients ditch people-pleasing and create lives they love and has now successfully launched a group coaching programme to reach more women. Published author and powerful speaker, Helen has been interviewed on BBC Radio, for podcasts such as Forties Stories and The Teachable Soul and been featured in Happiful magazine.

Helen is passionate about helping women build boundaries, confidence and healthy relationships.

Helen works with mind, body and soul, incorporating mindset work, inner child theory, with mindfulness practices and more to help women break old people-pleasing patterns, grow their confidence, build healthy boundaries and learn relationship skills so they can have the best relationships and be the leaders of their own lives.

In this episode, we talk about: 

    • How Helen launched her online course
    • How Helen used the quick launch formula to get feedback on her offer and make sales
    • How she turned interested buyers into paying clients

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