Episode #387 How Riikka Manninen Got 400 Webinar Registrations and Sold Out Her Services With a Very Simple Strategy – GTeX Member of the Month July 2022

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Welcome to another episode of Expert To Authority Show, brought to you by https://gtex.org.uk/

I am your host, Simone Vincenzi, The Experts Strategist, and this is the podcast for experts who want to become the ultimate authority in their niche while making an impact in the world.

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In this episode,

    I interviewed yesterday our GTeX Member of the month Riikka Manninen on the success of her first webinar.

    She just started out her journey in business, had a very small audience and never sold something from a presentation.

    So far she made more than 20 sales counting making it the biggest month she ever had.

    She followed the system we share on the Webinar Conversion Kit.

    If you want to get clients from webinars and finally make webinars work for you, the Webinar Conversion Kit is for you.

    Here is the link, check it out.


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