About GTeX

About GTeX

Growing Together Exponentially, known as GTeX, was founded in April 2013 by Simone Vincenzi and Ben Shorter, two passionate personal development coaches, who were inspired to create a community of empowered individuals, through the sharing of tools and techniques to rapidly increase results in all areas of your lives.

Now known as one of London’s leading personal development communities, GTeX has grown into a sustainable business that has empowered 100’s of people over the last 12 months to rapidly achieve results in all aspects of their lives by sharing the latest tools and techniques at our events, as well as our one to one and group coaching programs.

The values of our business

  • Integrity/Honesty/Authenticity: We believe that we should be open and honest about everything that we are doing within our business. We like to be transparent in our methods, and the results that individuals have gained. We also act authentic all the time. We laugh, smile, care, and have fun with what we are doing.
  • Value Driven: We always want to add value. Every event that we create and product that we develop should exceed the attached value. We pride ourselves on going above and beyond for everyone.
  • Growth for all: We want everyone around us to grow rapidly. We believe that we can all achieve our dreams with the right support, which is why we work alongside other personal development businesses, and are constantly connecting individuals together.
  • Social Entrepreneurship and Contribution: GTeX is a business, and we are always open about that. However both of us get involved in social action / enterprise projects wherever we can and have a high value on giving back to society.
  • Fun!!!: We believe that everything we do should be enjoyable and fun. We like to have a smile on our face, and always make other people smile to.

History of GTeX:

We are currently writing a short e-book about our history, which contains a lot of the tools we used to grow our business.

However, here is a brief history.

We started GTeX in April 2013, after we gained sponsorship of a venue for 6 events. We decided that GTeX would be a place where we provided leading speakers and coaches with a platform to share their knowledge in a live workshop environment where everyone would leave having experienced the tools.

Since this time we have held 25 events covering a range of subjects:

  • Business Strategy
  • Sales and Marketing
  • Confidence and Self Esteem
  • Networking and communication.
  • Public Speaking.
  • Health and Wellbeing.
  • Spiritual Growth.

We are now closely involved with other speakers, coaches and event organisers to really bring value to as many people as we can, supporting you to achieve everything you want from life, and enjoy it!

What we do:

Monthly GTeX Evening Workshop, where we invite an amazing coach/speaker to share their tools in an experiential environment. A great place for you to connect with like-minded individuals to support you in your growth. Click here to find out about the next GTeX event.
The Kick Ass Mastermind group, which is where we facilitate a monthly mastermind session supporting everyone to achieve rapid growth, with a high degree of accountability. Click here to find out more about our mastermind groups.
One Day Experiential Workshops, to Accelerate Your Personal and Business Growth. Click here to find out about the next one day workshop.

One to One Coaching and Advanced Courses: