About Ben Shorter

Hello, I’m Ben Shorter, one of the co-founders of GTeX!

I fell in love with Personal Development at a 15, learning as much as I could about Goal Setting, to support me with my gym training.

I continued to set goals, and found myself starting a career in the Recruitment Industry at 21. At the time, I was hungry for success, so started reading books to allow me to maximise my sales ability, as well as continued to top up my motivation, by reading books, and watching my favourite speakers on Youtube.

I had this vision of becoming a motivational speaker once I had reached my idea of success. However, that all changed when I went to Unleash the Power Within, by Tony Robbins in 2012.

From that point, I decided I wanted to start empowering individuals to create their dream life, so I started learning how to coach individuals on peak performance, utilising NLP. I also left the Recruitment Industry to become a trainer for long term unemployed individuals in East London.

Now, years after the event that changed my life, I get to spend my time doing things that I love, delivering training to a range of individuals and businesses to rapidly get the results they are looking for, working with teenagers to create social action projects and working on GTeX!

I’m fortunate in this regard and it is my mission to support as many other people as possible to live a life of passion, doing what they love!