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I am so excited about today’s show as I have the pleasure to interview Ketan Mekwana CEO and Founder at Enterprise Lab and  International TEDx  Speaker.



Disrupting the market is about making a change and not about being disruptive.  It’s about making the changes in your industry in a unique way, a different way, something that’s going to stand out.


Focus on the one thing that frustrates you within your industry and look at what you can do to make the change rather than how you can make the change.


You can do this using your heart rather than your brain and work with what you know.  This will put you in a good position to be the change maker.


Remember no matter what niche you are in there is one thing in common across the board as a coach, and that is that by you helping your clients change their lives first they will see the benefits in everything else


Be a changemaker!!!


Be a disruptor and become industry greats!!!


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