Episode #43 How To Use Your Voice To Influence with Fergus McClelland

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Welcome to episode #43 of Explode Your Coaching Biz Podcast, brought to you by https://gtex.org.uk/, I am your host, Simone Vincenzi and this is the podcast for coaches, speakers and trainers who want to grow their businesses by making an impact in the world.


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Today I have the pleasure to interview Fergus McClelland:

Fergus McClelland

I love speaking in public and helping others to the same place. Why do I love it? Because I am good at it. Why am I good at it? Because I have been trained and speaking for decades. What do I like to see? People soaring after training – and knowing that I helped them to get there – to be themselves wonderfully.


As a child actor and brief film star, Fergus learned a lot about how to be in the public eye successfully. He then learned how to show others how to release their inner skills in public in the most effective way possible – which is very effective.


Fergus uses a deep understanding of audio and video to train with biofeedback and the clients train themselves with guidance by him.


In this interview we talk about:

– Why your voice can prevent you from making a sale

– How to train your voice effectively

– Fergus stories that will captivate you until the end

and much more


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Contact Details:




+448444 145 945


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