Episode #58 How To Get Paid To Deliver Your Message With Topher Morrison

Episode #58 How To Get Paid To Deliver Your Message With Topher Morrison

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Do you want to become an outstanding public speaker and get paid to deliver your message and share your expertise?


Welcome to episode #58 of Explode Your Coaching Biz Show, brought to you by https://gtex.org.uk/, I am your host, Simone Vincenzi and this is the podcast for coaches, speakers and trainers who want to grow their businesses by making an impact in the world.


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This week I have the pleasure to interview Topher Morrison!

Topher is the Executive Director of Key Person of Influence – USA, a personal branding firm that has worked with over 4,000 companies, globally, to help them dominate their market share.

His most recent book, Collaboration Economy, was released May 6, 2014 and reached national best-seller status within hours. His next book called The Book on Public Speaking has just been released.


In this episode we talk about:

  • How to become a great public speaker.
  • The #1 Secret to make money in public speaking.
  • How to create original material without vomiting other people’s stories.


To connect with Topher:

Websites > tophermorrison.com

The Book On Public Speaking > https://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B06VY149FQ/

Social Media: Facebook
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