How to get known (almost) overnight

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How do you become known in a short space of time?

Let me tell you right now. 

But I need a disclaimer before I tell you the strategy. 

I believe one thing.

There is nothing such an overnight success.

You have to put the work in, in everything. 

But there are practices that you can follow that can accelerate that process. 

Some visibility strategies are long term and some other short term

I am going to give you a short term strategy that you can use right now, to get known in a much faster way. 

It is called news hacking. 

What is news hacking? 

You might have noticed that mainstream news channels, magazines, publications and blogs often talk about the same thing when a particular topic goes viral or becomes trending. 

At that point, millions of people suddenly are talking about that piece of news everywhere. 

But why does a topic become trending?

 Is that because that topic is more interesting than others? 

Or is that because everyone now is talking about it? 

When a piece of news goes viral, people want to talk about it even more because it makes them feel part of something bigger, and it makes them think they have something valuable to say.

If you find a piece of news and connect it to what you do, your story, your background or ideas that you have, you can get instant exposure overnight.

But getting exposure does not mean you will have a profitable business. 

Fame for the sake of fame will not bring you revenues.

You still have to be strategic, have a good business, the right products, the right services and the right offers. 

These are the foundation. 

But with a solid foundation and the right piece of news, when you get exposure to millions of people, you can gain hundreds or thousands of followers overnight without spending a dollar in adverts.

Let me give you an example of how I used news hacking.

When Brexit started here in the UK, many news channels were consistently talking about Brexit and how it could affect UK intrapreneurs. 

So I approached a few Italian news channels that were covering Brexit. 

I thought they might be looking for someone Italian who was running a business here in the UK. 

As a profile, I knew that I could fit the agenda that the news that particular channel had and I could add value giving my opinion and sharing my experience.

I’m not a Brexit expert. I’m not even an economist, but I have opinions…

Sometimes too many 🙂

So I decided to put myself forward. The news channel was interested in what I had to say, and I had a TV interview for 15 minutes during peak-time. 

I was then in front of millions of people in the number one news TV station in Italy. 

That interview led me to have five more interviews with other TV stations.

I wasn’t talking about something that I am an expert on. I don’t often talk about the economy or Brexit. 

I talk about sales and marketing strategies. 

That interview not only helped with my positioning, but it also opened up new opportunities in magazines, events and features that allowed me to get in front of my ideal clients and generate sales.

Take a look around: what are the trending topics right now? 

What part of your personal or business story you can use that is relevant to what journalists and media are talking about?

This how you can become known almost overnight. 

If you want to reach out to more journalist or TV stations, become known in your field and get paid really well for the work you do, then reach out as this is what we do here at GTeX. 

We turn experts into authorities. 

I would love to know: what current piece of news can you hack?


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