How to grow your list and get more clients with Facebook Messenger Bots

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Why Facebook Messenger Bots?

How it works?

In this blog, I reveal how to promote your coaching business using Facebook Messenger Bots.

Check out the video and if you like reading, you can find the main point in the post.

How to grow your list and get more clients with Facebook Messenger Bots

If you have just started your coaching business or blog, then you probably already know how hard getting and retaining clients can be. Sometimes they subscribe to your sessions, but that’s where the connection ends. After that, they rarely sign up for your webinars or take part in the events you organize. While this is a problem many startups share, it doesn’t have to be. On the contrary, by making use of one of the most popular social media sites today, you can get your coaching business off the ground. All you have to do is use Facebook Messenger bots to promote your message.


Why Facebook Messenger Bots?

Traditional methods of building a brand by adding subscribers to your mailing list are becoming outdated. The audience wants a more personal approach to coaching, and as you will see below, Facebook Messenger bots offer that personal touch. Where a person would have read an article and simply moved on to the next one, Facebook Messenger bots make him or her take the time to look at what other information you have to offer.

The other reason why it is much easier to grow your list while simultaneously retaining clients is that Facebook Messenger is a widely popular app. By April, over 1.2 billion people used Facebook on a daily basis. By using Facebook Messenger bots, you will be optimizing the reach of the message you want to put across to your prospective clients.


How it works?

Sites like WordPress allow you to make content and distribute it by creating a mailing list. That is, it gives readers a chance to subscribe to your site after they read an article or watch a video. From there, it is usually up to the reader to choose whether or not to follow your coaching business site any further.

At GTex, we have a different approach to gaining and keeping clients and we hope that this guide will help you do the same. First, we begin by creating free content to engage our clients. The content could be anything- a quality video or article- as long as our potential audience can empathize with it. The idea is to get the clients interested in what we have to say.

After creating the content, we put it on a site for people to see. We then leave an option for them to subscribe to the site but, get this, the content they subscribe to is not delivered email. Instead, we direct them to our Facebook Messenger bots. While on Messenger, our clients can download their desired content. Then, and note this, they receive a prompt that encourages them to sign up for a group, webinar, or any other event that we have organized. Here, we achieve two things at once. One, we grow our list as more and more people subscribe to our page and secondly, we advertise our groups and events to our clients using the Messenger bots. This makes it easier to get clients (they learn more and more about us from the moment they read or content and subscribe to the time they sign up for our events) and retain them (participating in our events keeps them around).

Promote your coaching business today by following these few steps!



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