Let’s be real…

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Pretending everything is going well in this climate does not serve anyone.

Yes, businesses are getting affected.

Our business too.


Let me give you some background for those of you that don’t know us well.

At GTeX we have 3 sides of our business.

1) Our training company where we give experts a voice by helping them creating a profitable business and helping them become an authority in their field that I manage.

2) Our sales training for recruitment agencies where get their teams to perform at high levels managed by my business partner Ben Shorter.

3) Our business investments in growing companies managed by our non-executive director Geoff Shorter.


This month it was tough on the recruitment side.

– In one day a huge contract that could have been worth multiple 6 figures which Ben worked months to close got postponed.

– Another client that spends a lot of money each year with us, stopped all our retainers.

– And other companies we had in the pipeline, stopped the conversation.

– On this side of the business, about £50k potential clients in the pipeline put things on hold.

– We had to reduce the size of our team and tightening our monthly expenses.


This thing is affecting us too.



But here is also what happened:

– In the recruitment side of the business, Ben created a podcast that helped him connect with the senior director of the largest recruitment agency in the world.

– Getting through decision-makers is easier than ever.

– We are building relationships with key companies and building our brand and assets.

– Next year is likely to be our biggest year on the corporate side as we play the long game.

– On this side, our Profile Builder Program is more relevant now than ever.

– We have doubled the support we give our clients.

– I am building relationships with influencers, journalists and people in the media.

– I am working on streamlining many areas of this business.

– We have found a way to move an entire full-day training online getting incredible feedback successfully.

– We had more consultations this week than we did before.

– I have been invited to contribute to countless online summits.


The bottom line, there has never been a better time to build your profile and get seen for what you can do.

The expert and coaching market is going to be even more crowded.

Getting out there and standing out is not an option anymore.

It’s a must.

I wanted to be fully transparent with you.

And at the same time, show you that is just part of the game.

Sometimes you win big; sometimes you lose, sometimes you win small, sometimes nothing happens, sometimes a miracle happens.


It’s part of the game, and at the end of the day, it’s never ours to keep anyway.

All that remains will be what people will think about what you did for them.

That’s why now, more then ever is important to stick together.




ps. Thanks to Scott Oldford for inspiring this post. #respect




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