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Caroline Stagg

Your whole life not just your worklife

I work as an Empowerment Coach and Leadership Facilitator with a particular focus on young professional women who are feeling the pressure of modern day working that results in them feeling overwhelmed, low self-esteem, not valued, frightened to reach out for support and overall a feeling of hopelessness and no direction.

Overwhelm, low self esteem and lack of confidence are the cause of young professional women not optimising their lives and careers They are in the P.R.I.M.E of their lives yet feel that they are moving in treacle.

Ingrid Fear is an Empowerment Coach and Leadership Facilitator who has helped hundreds of people find their inner strength, know what they stand for and be able to lead with love from within so that they life a love of positivity, purpose and passion.

Ingrid is passionate about enabling others to find their why in life and life with positivity.

She loves working with small groups, 121 and helping organisations make the changes so that their leaders empower productivity.

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