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DurgaMata Chaudhuri

DurgaMata of London - Raising Consciousness

My name is DurgaMata and I am an entrepreneur. I believes that enduring change can only happen when we go to the root and raise consciousness. My business DurgaMata of London is dedicated to raising consciousness to make a positive difference to our own lives and to the lives of our clients, rippling out to the entire world.

I translate Raising Consciousness as Reduce Stress and Increase Happiness.

When you raise consciousness, you experience emotions which expand and connect with others, divine qualities such as love, self-giving, compassion, peace, harmony, empathy, kindness, generosity, forgiveness, oneness and joy. In addition to connecting with others, when we experience high consciousness we feel that we are part of nature and the entire universe is part of who we are.

These are the qualities we need to nurture if we want to see happiness in our lives.

In contrast to this, low consciousness is reflected in all the emotions which separate us from others - fear, anger, suspicion, jealousy, negativity, impatience, competitiveness (which leads to put-downs), spitefulness, meanness, insecurity, bullying, bitterness, guilt and blame.

‚ÄčAll these emotions tend to add to or cause anxiety and stress.

People with a habit of living in low consciousness, can become trapped in a cycle of anxiety and depression which can drain away all their energy and make everything seem hopeless and without any meaning.

I use Public Speaking, Authorship, Well-Being and Empowerment Workshops and Retreats (which include Forest Bathing) as well as my music and silk-painting to raise consciousness. With the challenge of Corona-virus I am now creating online courses to reduce stress and increase happiness and these will be available soon.

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