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Fiona Whytehead

Develop a strong, authentic, confident speaking voice for any situation, to anyone, anywhere

Great communication inspires people and ideas; and creates successful businesses and harmonious relationships. Poor communication loses time, money, relationships and clients

Fiona Whytehead is a communication skills consultant and coach who helps you to speak with authenticity, develop great vocal technique and combine this with a positive mindset to speak and be heard as you would like. She has helped tens of thousands of young people to overcome any fear of public speaking and find confidence in using their voice and in themselves. She now works with adults to help them to become more successful, make positive connections with people and overcome any blocks in the way by developing a strong, clear, vibrant voice. We speak all the time, Fiona helps you to do it better, to be more in control and even to enjoy time in the spotlight.

Prior to training as a coach and starting her company, Locus Coaching, 14 years' ago, she was a professional actor on stage and screen, and a fundraiser raising millions of pounds for difficult causes. She brings all that experience and expertise into the mix.

She offers one-to-one coaching packages and runs interactive workshops.

Her passion is to help people to be heard, speak up and stand out whether it is in the context of large public speaking engagements, smaller presentations, or one to one conversations.

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