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Marjorie Gutierrez

Marjorie Gutierrez

Structure is the foundation of good business

I'm a Business Coach. I help small businesses become more profitable. My journey started 25 years ago, with $500 dollars I started my first business. It was an Ecological Travel Agency in Mexico City. It was a new city, language and culture. I developed my programmes and networked in a niche market. After 2 years of trading, my revenue was over 100k dollars, it was a lot of money then I learned how to build a business and the challenges it presents. I strength of my business was having a solid structure. After Mexico, I was offered a position in the UK for a Fine Art Shipping Co. Armed with my experiences, I was transferred to run our office in New York with a task of turning the company around. I created a 5 step Business Builder programme. I help you create structure which is the foundation of good business. From this success, I build other businesses. I'm focused on results and I become part of your business and help you every step of the way. I'm looking to collaborate with other experts and form a team.

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