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Nanda Sharma

Mind-Body Transformation and Empowerment Accessible to All

I began to explore the mind-body connection and self-empowerment for my patients and myself during more than 25 years’ experience as a Doctor, Medical Educator, GP Appraiser & Coach dedicated to the NHS. I am driven by integrity and a truly personalised approach with the belief that most individuals are often only tapping into a tiny part of their full potential. I use all the techniques that I have personally benefited from and know that they work quickly and produce lasting change.

During a Transformation & Breakthrough Session with me, clients are readily and smoothly able to release, often hitherto unrecognised, negative unresolved emotions, limiting decisions and re-align their values. Clearing such ‘baggage’ frees the mind to unleash its massive potential. New goals are identified and internalised during the session, substituting the need for constant will power, with a newly found drive that operates and achieves results from a subconscious, and therefore automatic, level of operation.

My clients are selected when they are personally ready to commit to getting the fantastic results and successes that they want, in all areas of their life. They are individuals like you and me who understand it is an investment in themselves and the life they want for themselves and their loved ones. Unlike most other psychological techniques, I use processes that do not require clients to re-live past negative events and traumas, nor need long-term therapy. As a Master Practitioner, I am accredited by the American Boards of NLP, Coaching, Hypnosis and Timeline® Therapy.

I am a Writer and my feature-length drama script, 'Mango Crumble', achieved the BBC Writers’ Room 2018 Long List. I founded my BollyBhangra Dance Fitness classes which run on Zoom and raise money for various charities. I am multilingual and fascinated by the interplay of language, lands, culture, and cuisines.

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