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Nicola Reynolds – GTeX Digital Media

Done for You Tech Solutions for your Business

Nicola Reynolds is a multi-skilled, Intuitive web developer and designer.

With over 20yrs experience in using web technologies and over 10 years software training experience.

Since starting her own small business almost 5 years ago she has assisted over 60 businesses to get their businesses online and empower them to take charge of their content.

Nicola is passionate about creating solutions for your business that not only reflect your business and its values but in turn enable you to save time and effort in repeating your success.

Her out-of-the-box thinking and speedy solutions has created some amazing results, both in design and problem solving.

Her abilities extend to savvy, jargon free tech support which she prides herself on and creating software solutions that can blend well with a companies existing work practices which time and time again have saved not just money, but that all important time.

About Me

About You (the informal stuff)
I'm a Single mum to a Boy and Girl. I'm a little odd and Quirky and took me an age to learn to love who I am. I enjoy problem solving and tech has been a huge part of my life since forever!


Favorite Hobby
Gaming, Reading Books, Tarot & Oracle Card Reading and Quality time with my Children.


I have an 18yr old Cat Called Garfield and A Beagle Puppy called Poppy.