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Ragini Hildreth

Ragini Hildreth

Empowering Teachers To Flourish

With over thirty years’ experience, as an Assistant Headteacher, Governor, curriculum specialist, coach and mentor to newly qualified teachers and emerging leaders, Ragini is now passionate about helping teachers to make successful career changes.


By integrating her experience and expertise of teaching, leadership and coaching, she has developed coaching programmes to support teachers to confidently transition into new roles or to develop their unique leadership style.


Whether the transition is moving into middle or senior leadership, or leaving teaching altogether, stress, anxiety and lack of confidence can lead to overwhelm.


However, Ragini has structured clear steps, that anyone can follow, to develop the mindset needed to thrive. Through the coaching process, teachers experience


+ Increased confidence in their skills and abilities.

+ Develop habits that improve sleep and increase energy.

+ Create strategies to manage change and avoid burnout.

+ Gain clarity about how to prioritise activities.

+ Are empowered to set boundaries and to say no to unwanted demands on their time.

+ Become confident in their ability to lead other people (even people who don’t want to be led).


Ragini understands the stresses of maintaining a satisfying home life whilst building a career. She is now on a mission to help teachers avoid the pitfalls that lead to burnout so that they flourish personally and professionally.

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