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Riana Avis

Riana Avis

Gentle. Effective. Empowering

Therapists are highly skilled clinicians and excellent practitioners with many years of training, with some disciplines requiring a license to practice. When it comes to starting out in private practice and running a sustainable and profitable business though, therapists face a huge skills gap.


Riana Avis is a multi-disciplinary business coach with a background in radiography, business analysis, and IT. Her therapy clients consistently increase their revenue between 50 – 100% in the first year of working with her. She writes for niche publications like The Quest, Celebrate Southern Africa and Miracle Networker and has been interviewed on several podcasts.


Riana is passionate about facilitating her clients’ success.

From planning to implementation, operational efficiency and finances, she brings the strategy, structure and accountability to the business side of private practice. That allows her clients to focus on what they do best, improving the life of their clients.

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