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Sue PalmerConn

Sue Palmer-Conn

The Divorce Doctor: be BETTER not bitter

As one of the UK's foremost Certified Divorce Coaches, aka The Divorce Doctor, I work primarily with professional women over the age of 50. My clients come from all stages of the divorce journey. Some are at the makeup or breakup stage where we help them make informed decisions and not react with an emotional knee jerk. For these clients we can offer a DIY online programme, Marriage Makeover Mastermind, which can be supplemented with some one to one coaching.

Others are planning or going through divorce. With these clients we walk them through the business of divorce helping them to understand each stage, ask important questions of their legal or financial advisor, and get all the documents necessary to prepare their financial statement. If there are younger children involved, we will help them to prepare a co-parenting plan. In doing so we can help them save time and money whilst reducing stress and conflict. Our one to one coaching programme, Eyes Wide Open is the best for these clients.

Some clients have navigated the divorce itself but need help in building their new life and identity. For these clients we offer a bespoke 6-month programme, FRESH start, which helps them Find their passion and purpose, Rebuild resilience, Engage their emotions, Supercharge their self-confidence, and Harmonize their health and wellness so that they can fly solo into a new and exciting life.

Many of our clients, after a period of 2-3 years, start thinking about new relationships and even second marriages. For these clients we have Marry with Intention, a couple’s passion mapping programme that helps them plan the marriage not just the wedding and avoid repeating past mistakes.

I am happy to make reciprocal referral arrangements with family lawyers, financial advisors, parenting coaches, family therapists.

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