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Sue Ritchie

Boosting your Fertility Naturally

Sue Ritchie is The Fertility Coach, author and speaker. She is passionate about helping business women who are struggling to conceive. Her unique approach is a totally natural and holistic one that is based on creating the right physical, mental and spiritual environment to support and increase fertility for both the woman and the man. She takes an approach that focuses on addressing the root causes that are preventing conception from taking place.


Sue has a huge love for children and from a young age had a strong desire to have children of her own. Life circumstances however, resulted in her not realising that until the ages of 36 and 39.


Sue’s previous life involved working long hours under high levels of stress. She was constantly pushing herself to the limit, trying to fit everything in, thinking her body would somehow keep going regardless. Then 10 years ago she had a big health wake up call when she was diagnosed with Hashimoto's disease.


Unwilling to accept the prognosis of living a compromised life, she made a conscious decision to create a work-life balance. Through her research she discovered the root cause lie in her gut health. By rebalancing her gut microbiome, and changing her diet she lost 35lbs in weight in 90 days and fully recovered within 18 months. She also discovered that gut health underpins total health and also impacts fertility and its become her specialty.


Sue’s expert opinion is often sought after on radio and online shows and she speaks at events. She is the author of the award winning book Love your Gut and co-author of a further five books. Her loves include her wonderful husband and children and her grandchild. She also loves music, cookery, travel, personal development and socialising

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