My Top 11 + 1 Achievements in 2017

My Top 11 + 1 Achievements in 2017

I was reflecting on 2017 and… what a year!

Then I decided to write down my top achievements.

I did not know where to start.

While writing, 11 of them stood out.

Then I felt the need to add a bonus 1.


The one I think was my biggest personal breakthrough.


Then I thought.


Why don’t I share it with my followers and hear from them in return?

This can be a fun game.




Here is the list.

  • Getting married
  • Become a Forbes Contributor
  • Working with more than 400 GTeX Members
  • Growing GTeX to more than £200k
  • Rebuilt a great relationship with my brother
  • Spoke in more than 200 events
  • Being interviewed by almost 100 podcasts
  • Went to New York
  • Took 4 weeks off and the business did not crush
  • Supported regularly a homeless woman throughout the year
  • Reached more than 5k download on our podcast

+ Let go of my “I can do it better than anyone else” attitude


What are your biggest achievements in 2017?


I am curious to hear your achievements.


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I will personally reply to congratulate with a special surprise…


Let’s say… This is my Christmas present for you.


Enjoy your day and remember:




Remember to leave us a comment and let us know how you are going to implement those strategies in your speaking business.

We look forward seeing you next week and always remember…


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