James King-Nickol BA(Hons) PCertLam

Episode #272 From invisibile to superstar with GTeX Member of the month Michelle Raymond

Beginning as a technical assistant at events, James is now the GTeX community manager and online training facilitator. Since the pandemic began to the end of 2021 he will have helped run 50 events online over 64 days.

Just as comfortable in front of the camera as well as behind, whether it’s facilitating a session, delivering a talk or taking care of the technical end, he can help you. While this is mainly on Zoom, he is beginning to flex his muscles on other platforms with refining and improvement in mind.

He has a strong analytical ability and can combine it with his creativity to come up with an innovative solution. He also has a knack for finding ways of explaining ideas to people who are struggling to understand certain jargon or business concepts that require a shift in their thinking.
His degree was accredited professional training as an actor which essentially gave 3 years of advanced communication training. Contrary to what you might think, it wasn’t until his third term when the course began to look at character so James could master (not study, master) the fundamentals first, which can be used in any speaking or presenting situation. There was specialised training for radio, television and self-taping.

Every week for 3 years, 4 hours were dedicated to voice training and another 4 hours solely for movement and physicality, All this combined means James knows how to reach and engage an audience with his voice and body on stage, behind a mic, on screen or a video call.

“I help GTeX to keep members upto date with events and training”


GTeX Technical Assistant & Community Manager

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