Q.A. How to use Facebook Groups to grow your coaching business

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Are you looking for potential clients through social media?

Have you considered having a facebook group?

It’s Q.A. Friday.

Scott Murden asked me:

“Simone how can you use a Facebook group to grow your business?” 

Thanks Scott for the question.


I have to say that GTeX runs 90% on Facebook.


There is where we communicate and engage with our clients and where we get new business too.


If you don’t have a Facebook group for your business, now you are massively missing out.

But before you start creating a Facebook Group there are few things you need to have clear.


1) What is the purpose of your Facebook Group?

2) For what part of the sales/engagement funnel has the Facebook Group been created?

3) How are you going to manage it?


Once you are clear on the above, remember that you must have two types of Facebook Group.


1) For potential clients

The aim of this group is to get people to know, like and trust you. Content, engagement, sharings are perfect for this type of group.

2) For existing clients

The aim of this group is to answer questions, get the clients engaged through the completion of the program and deliver internal communication they might have missed via email.


For example, you might know that we are re-building our Facebook group EXPLODE YOUR COACHING BIZ.


When I started, I did not do any of the above…

This is why our private GTeX Family group was blossoming, but the front end group was dead.

I am now making sure I spend time in the group and engage with the members to make it more fun, interactive and valuable.


Quick note… If you are active on other Facebook Groups, please don’t spam them with quotes… no one cares.

Be there and help people out, without asking for anything in return.

Funny enough… you will get tons of clients and the respect of the group organizer.


I hope this post helped.

If yes, let me know your main learning on EXPLODE YOUR COACHING BIZ.






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