show me the money

Show me the Money

I am now back in London writing from the Century Club in Piccadilly.

I wanted to share with you something really important that we often are too busy to review.

It ‘s our monthly finances.


Sometimes we can be so caught up in doing and taking action in our business that we forget to review.

And I am often guilty of this sin too.

Ben is the one who looks at our finances generally, and it’s great because I can have time to do other things I love.

However, in this way, I am disconnected from the reality of my business.



Because numbers are the only metric that shows you if what you are doing works or not.


And I get it… when you have a bad month, it ‘s tough to look at numbers.

You might feel like a failure because you did not hit your target.

However, those numbers will tell you what is not working and what you need to adjust to hitting your target.

So you can be in total control of your business.

I used to tell myself I was not good at numbers and I hated math…

But I love money, and I love the lifestyle and impact that money can allow me to have.

So, I decided no more of these bullsugars.


This is what I want you to do today:

1) Count how much money your business made in September.

2) Count how much of that money you spent.

3) Look at where most of that money came from.

4) Work on a strategy where you can do more of what works.






Now over to you.


Have an awesome Monday.





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Remember to leave us a comment and let us know how you are going to implement those strategies in your speaking business.

We look forward seeing you next week and always remember…


The Purpose Strategist