The 3 best proven strategies to get clients on Facebook now

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Do you want to get more clients using Facebook?

What if you could get clients every time you log on Facebook.

In this blog, I reveal the strategies to get clients on Facebook now.

What if you had a system that would allow you to know with certainty that everything you are doing when you post, is geared towards increasing the willingness of a person working with you.

I am here to tell you that this is possible.

This is how we have been growing GTeX to 6 Figures and beyond.

In the next 3 days, I am going to share with you the TOP 3 strategies to get more clients using Facebook.

Let’s start today with:


Because I love creating funky names on the spot, I decided to call this strategy The Content Flower (You know I love to make things up!)

The Content Flower works perfectly well with cold and warm audiences, people that might not be familiar with you and your product, or people that are familiar but never bought.

It is designed to build authority, credibility and add value so that the reader or listener will want to get your product or service.

Why Content Flower?

I hear you scream.

Imagine a flower. In the middle of the flower, you have the disk in the middle and the petals all around.

Imagine the disk being your signature program, the product or service that you sell or want to sell.

And the petals being the content you deliver that is connected with the product or service you provide.

For example, I am using The Content Flower every day in my emails and right now.

I am creating content that you love, that can give you value.

Why am I doing it?

1) I care about you.

2) I am promoting our next 3-day training EXPLODE YOUR COACHING BIZ – INTENSIVE


Now it’s your turn!

It’s time to create your Content Flower and start delivering content while mentioning your offer, program or service that you want to sell.

I am curious to hear how this goes, so please leave me a comment and let me know what you think about this strategy or if what challenges are you facing in the implementation.




Remember to leave us a comment and let us know how you are going to implement those strategies in your speaking business.

We look forward seeing you next week and always remember…


The Purpose Strategist


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