The ONE thing that will make your expert business work

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Let me tell you the one thing that will make your business work as an expert.

The market is changing fast.

New technologies are introduced almost daily.

There are thousands of ways to run your business and get clients.

What should you focus on?

What is the ONE thing that will make your business work as an expert?


After working with thousands of people, I think I have the solution.

But it is not an easy one.

I know you might not even want to hear this.

But I am going to tell you anyway.


The ONE thing that will make your business work is…


Let me explain.

Every strategy works.

And every strategy does not work at the same time.

Some people make a killing with webinars.

Others can’t make a penny.

Some people built a huge following organically.

Others can’t even get their friends and family to read their posts.

Some people get hundreds of speaking gigs every year.

Others can’t even run a workshop for their local club.


Ask different successful people in this industry and they will not often do the same thing.

What makes their strategy work?

Themselves and their teams.

This is why the ONE thing you can do to make your business a success is not to be afraid to test and find your way.

The better you know yourself and what is more natural to you, the higher the chances of success you have.

Why are we so successful at GTeX?

Because we are not afraid to try new things.

9/10 they don’t work or it takes 4/5 times before they work.

We have 2 podcasts, membership sites, online courses, group courses, live networking events, mastermind, multi-speaking events, seminars, have corporate contracts etc…

Too much?


But if we don’t try something new, how can we find what works and what does not?

How can we find what we are great at and what we are not?


At every stage of your business, whether you are starting or you making 6 or 7 figures, don’t be afraid to try something new and be you.

In this way, you will not only be happy, but you will have higher chances to make it happen.

This is the ONE thing that will make your business work.





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