The One Thing You Need To Create Offers That Sell Themselves

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Let’s talk about the one thing you need to create offers that sell themselves.

But before I do, let me give you a quick update.

I have been quiet for a couple of days.

I know, it’s not like me to miss my daily email but things have been pretty hectic on the GTeX side.

Yesterday we received the confirmation that I am one of the 5 London finalists for the Young Entrepreneur of the year award from the Federation Of Small Businesses and I have been intensively working with few clients that are ready to take over the corporate space.

I believe opportunities are everywhere.

If you keep doing your thing and showing consistent results, then you will become a magnet.

If you change what you do every 2 minutes and people cannot understand what you offer and what you can do for them, then your business will always struggle and you will never be seen as an authority in your field.

Getting back on creating products that sell themselves, today I want to address the one thing that will get you to sell your products and services like nothing else.

It’s a mantra.

A mantra that I keep repeating to myself and my clients consistently.



Done is better than perfect.

For all my perfectionists out there that are cringing at the sound of these words, this is what I have learnt.

Of course, quality is important.

But you can improve the quality over time.

Even when Apple launches a new phone or new operating system, they full of bugs.

So… Why do they launch it anyway?


1) Through the customer experience they get feedback and data on what works and what does not.

2) It does not stop them to keep growing their business and make improvements along the way.

I know that many people don’t ever feel ready.

And the reality is that is never the right time.

There will always be something coming up.

A life event, a family issue, a health challenge, a work commitment, new ideas…

If you don’t start with the mindset that you need to create and launch within a short period of time, you will leave a lot of money on the table and you will never be able to get enough customers to perfect your product or service.

To wrap up…

The most important thing you need to launch successfully products and services is your mindset.




Ps. If you want to create, launch and sell out a product or service at lightning speed and you sick and tired of leaving money on the table, book a call now with our team and we will brainstorm a bespoke strategy for you on the call.

Are you ready to create offers that stand out and make your business simple to run?

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