Wanna create seminars that sell?

There is a HUGE mistake speakers make before running their events.


They decide to create an event that helps EVERYONE!

What do I mean about that?

They see Tony Robbins creating events to help people in business, health, finances, relationships, pets and more and they want to do the same!

But they forget that Tony has been around for the past 30 years and has MASSIVE budgets to fill his events.

So… What is the mistake? 

They don’t have a clear NICHE for their events!

And as a result of this, they end up making no or little sales at the event,
because their offer is too generic.


How can you create your events that sell?

First of all, you need to think who is the event for.

Who is your audience?

Who are you talking to?

In this way, when you create your offer,
you can create a specific offer that your audience wants to buy.

Now over to you. 

Think about your next event…

Who specifically can you do it for?

Who are you going to serve?

Who are you going to sell to?

What do they need?

What are they looking for?


I hope this was useful and now it’s time to TAKE ACTION!



Remember to leave us a comment and let us know how you are going to implement those strategies in your speaking business.

We look forward seeing you next week and always remember…


The Purpose Strategist