Caroline Sylvia Wragg - Marketing & Sales Strategist, Consultant, Speaker & Catalytic Connector of People

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I have 30 years’ experience in international marketing, sales and communications and am a specialist in Marketing Strategy, Planning, Connecting People and Business Growth. Aligning you with clients that buy, I apply our unique income stream mapping system that gives you instant visibility of where you are at in your business and where you want to be. This creates the focused action required for success.  

I started my own business initially, in holistic health and wellbeing, in 2011, pivoting back to my roots in Marketing and Sales in 2016 after what you could call, divine intervention! 

Known as a Catalytic Connector of People, I help businesses to achieve amazing profitable growth through my Beyond Marketing Strategies and systems, working holistically to get results. We get to the core of what’s unique to you and help you stand out and “Shine Out Loud” as is part of our motto.

Working intuitively is key to helping you uplevel your business and show you how this can be achieved, by offering different and new offers for your products or services so you can add more leveraged income streams to your business. Saving you time and money.

Beyond Marketing – the Difference is How we Do it!

Beyond Marketing – the Difference is How we Do it!


GTeX Certified Coach For Marketing

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