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About Simone

Simone Vincenzi is a multi-award winning serial entrepreneur and author who has helped people to launch more than 500 profitable businesses before he reached the age of 30 with his company GTeX.

Simone is passionate about building thriving community-led businesses where the members are the core and essence of the decisions and development of ideas.
Nominated as one of the most influential migrant entrepreneurs in the House of Parliament, he writes for Forbes, Entrepreneur Magazine and regularly features on tv and radio talking about how experts can become authorities in their field.
He works with startup entrepreneurs and experts who want to grow their existing business as well as multi-millionaires who want to launch new ventures, bringing ideas to fruition at lightning speed.

He speaks at more than 200 events every year, impacting thousands of entrepreneurs, startups, small businesses as well as large corporations.
He spoke at conferences featuring Les Brown, Tony Robbins, Gary Vee, Simone Sinek, John. C. Maxwell, Dr John Demartini and many more brilliant minds in the entrepreneurial field.

Simone In Action

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