Michelle Raymond - HR Consultant Global Trainer and Visibility Strategist

Episode #272 From invisibile to superstar with GTeX Member of the month Michelle Raymond

Michelle is a HR Specialist and Trainer, Visibility Strategist, Certified Master NLP Practitioner and award winning International TEDx Speaker on a mission to make the inVisible Visible.

As CEO and Founder of The People’s Partner, a HR and Coaching Consultancy that provides inclusive training solutions, Michelle is also a champion of diversity and equity. Her team of experts supports organisations in building inclusive cultures that impacts every important element of an organization — profitability, revenues, client experience, employee turnover, talent acquisition, brand presence, market share and workplace safety. 

Michelle has become a respected and in-demand Visibility Strategist and keynote speaker having helped clients secure regular spots on national radio stations, TV and other national and regional press. Michelle has been featured in People Management, HR Grapevine, The Guardian, Good Housekeeping Magazine, The BBC and Sky TV. 

Clientele have included household global brands such as Amazon, BT, MAC Cosmetics and 2 FTSE 100 companies.

“I help make the Invisible, Visible”


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