How To Find Your Coaching Niche

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Are you thinking about starting a coaching business or have you started but found it difficult to get clients?


Are you struggling to find you niche?


Would you like some ideas on how to find your niche?

Check out the video, if you like reading, you can find the main point in the post.

So let’s get started…

You’ve been thinking about becoming a coachfor a while now and know this would make you happy, and you would feel more fulfilled.

You’ve gone to some networking events and have been telling people that you’re a life coach, and you get asked what your niche is.

This is a question you cannot answer as you do not know yourself.

They then suggested you should find your niche, but you’re unsure of how to go about it or what you would be good at as you thought it would be better if you could coach a wider variety of people.

Because of this conversation you’ve decided to find your coaching niche but you’re not sure where to start or even if what you have to offer is going to be good enough to create a successful business.

Fear not, there will always be people that need your services even if your niche is very specific, all you need to do is find your niche and be very clear about what it is, who you help and where to find them.

For today we are going to focus on finding your coaching niche

From the moment you were born, you have had to overcome challenges big or small.

You have started a journey that is going to take a lifetime to complete and along this journey there have been things you have loved doing and things that you haven’t liked so much, things that have made you happy or sad, things that have made you laugh or cry.

It is all the ups and downs that you have been through, all your victories and defeats that will help you to find your niche.

Once you have found your niche and can express what it is you do, you will also be able to state clearly what type of client you are looking for and be able to create your perfect client avatar.

But first…

How do you find your perfect coaching niche?


Step 1 – Your Biggest Challenge


The first step to finding your niche is looking into your past.

As I said earlier, you have been through many things in your life so far, all of which have brought you to this day.

Literally, from the moment you came into this world you have had to find your way through life.

Through all the ups and downs you have overcome struggles and have found things you’re super good at and things that you dislike or are not so good at.  Things you excel in and things you don’t.

All of these experiences have moulded you into the person you are today so why not use this to craft out your unique coaching niche.

So look at your past, look at the challengesand difficulties you’ve had to overcome.

And remember it doesn’t always have to be personal stuff that you have overcome it may be that you have expertise in a particular field i.e. business or personal which will help you carve out your niche.

Then from this list, you can have a look and see where your proudest moment was and what you had to do to overcome that particular situation and ask yourself how this can benefit your clients.


You can look at your qualifications and see what you most enjoyed doing within your specific field.

REMEMBER: Find in your past how you overcame your biggest challenge and help other people overcoming that specific challenge.

Step 2 – Your Biggest Success


Look at your success in the present moment.

So now that you have looked into the past, it is time to look at the present moment.

Look at where you are now and the person you have become because of your past achievements.

Look at what qualifications you have achieved and use that to help you carve out your niche.

Look at what are you great at and when are you the happiest.

Look at your top 3 – 5 values that you live your life by and see if they align with your niche.

Once you have recognised what makes you happy, what obstacles you have overcome, your victories, the qualifications gained and your values it will be clear to you what your niche should be and then you will be able to start working on creating your perfect client avatar.

REMEMBER: Your whole life, every experience you’ve had and everything you have learned, has shaped you into the person you are today. Appreciate it and use it to create your niche and enjoy the process you are about to embark on.

If, after reading this post, you still need help to find your niche and put all the pieces of the puzzle together,  contact me and we can delve deep to create a niche you will love and be proud off.


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