10 Reasons Why You Should Hire An Event Planner If You Want To Have A Perfect Wedding

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First of all, congratulations!!! You are engaged and dreaming of your wedding day that will be as unique and special as you are. It is no secret that planning a wedding is extremely stressful which is why so many couples are relying on the expertise of wedding planners to make sure the day is filled with unforgettable memories with none of the stress! I’m sure that all of your family and friends are excited and eager to help, but it can be a big risk having them plan the entire wedding. It is essential to hire a professional with years of experience and elite contacts to ensure no detail is overlooked. A wedding planner will be your most valuable investment while saving you money. If you are still unsure if hiring a wedding planner is the right decision for you, check out these 10 important reasons to hire one!


#1 Perfection is a Priority

This is your special day which typically only happens once in a lifetime. It deserves nothing short of perfection! You should be enjoying yourself and the celebrations while the event planners that make sure everything is being flawlessly executed. It takes a lot of hard work to deliver a dream come true wedding day.


#2 Event Planners are Master Problem Solvers

You can be at ease knowing that when you hire an event planner, any problem you may face will be solved. It is our job to make it completely stress free for you. Not only do event planners solve the problems, they prevent them. Wedding planners know how complicated things can get, and they will always simplify everything for you!


#3 Your Ideas are Brought to Life and You Gain Creative Expertise

Whether you have no idea what you want, or have a clear vision of your special day, event planners are here to create the perfect ambiance.  You will be presented with mood boards that will tie all the ideas together. They help visually communicate the spirit of the Wedding Day you want to create. Not only the style, color scheme and how it will look, but also the vibe and how it will feel. If you’re stuck for ideas, the experience and creative staff of event planners help spark an idea you are guaranteed to love!


#4 Connect with VIP contacts

Hiring a bespoke event planner means that you can have access to a luxury network and VIP contacts. Instead of spending hours finding the perfect venue to host your magical day, or picking the ideal vendors that will be the precise match you can rely on the event planners. Having someone by your side that has already done the hard work of selecting the right partners, means you will save precious time and stress, so you can focus your time where it matters.


#5 Event Planners ensure your guests have all they need

The day is to celebrate you, but event planners know how important it is for you to make sure your guests are having an unforgettable experience. They make sure there is appropriate entertainment for all the various ages of the guests. Everyone from the children to the older guests will be enjoying themselves. Event planners know how special each guest is to you and it is their job to make sure they are taken care of. *If you are having a destination wedding, a wedding planner is the go to guide for your guests! From the hotel accommodations, welcome gifts, and fun things for them to do on their down time, they organize it all!


#6 Event Planners Save You Money

A misconception is that event planners are too expensive. In reality they save you money! Due to their experience and contacts, event planners are able to provide you with outstanding services and vendors, while getting you the best discount. From transporters and cameramen to waiters and caterers, the list goes on! Event Planners know how to work on a budget, making sure you always get more for your money. They help add value to your experience.


#7 Keeping Everyone Safe!

Event planners help prevent any risks from occurring, but uncertainties can arise! In case of a medical emergency, fire, or even power failure, it is crucial to have an event planner and the right staff on the scene who would know exactly how to handle the situation. *Event planners submit a health and safety management plan to the venue. This verifies the risks and explains the procedures of how to remove these risks.


#8 Dreaming of a Destination Wedding

If you are thinking of a destination wedding for your special day, hiring an event planner is a must! For all the reasons you should hire an event planner for your wedding day, the list multiplies when it’s far away! The obvious would be saving you time, but it is much more than that. Event planners are able to overcome the challenges such as language barrier and cultural differences. They have a network of vendors around the world. A destination wedding is truly magical, but takes more time and can be more stressful for you! Event planners take away the stress so you can focus on enjoying your special day.


#9 Your time is precious!

Did you know on average 250+ hours go into planning a wedding? Event planners handle all the hassle of hours of research for you. From venues, florists, cake creators, entertainment, photographers, videographers to the caterers, they find them all! And because of the VIP network of vendors, event planners are able to cut down that time and provide you with the perfect partners to bring your vision to life. They take care of invitations and all the tasks you don’t have time for. Not only will event planners schedule your meetings, but they can attend them for you! Event planners save you from those headache situations and late nights!


#10 It’s Time to Focus on Your Honeymoon!

At the end of your special day the last thing you want to be thinking of is cleaning up and clearing out the venue. From packing up the extra cake, gathering your gifts, to cleaning up and checking the venue for any damage event planners take care of that! All you need to think about now is enjoying your forever together and your honeymoon!



Hiring a wedding planner sounds like a necessity doesn’t it? Give yourself the stress-free spectacular day you deserve!



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